Multi-Plier Pack

Multi-Plier Pack



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Multi-Plier, setting plates, hole punch, rivets, ring snaps, eyelets and snap buttons! All in one pack.

Click here to watch videos on how to use the Multi-Pliers

This pack includes...
* Pliers x 1 (size: 19.5cm)
* Rivet setting plates (d=7mm - 9mm) x 1
* 3mm hole punch x 1
* Hole punch mat x 1
* Rivets d=9mm / l=8.5mm x 30 (Silver)
* Rivets d=9mm / 11.5mm x 30 (Silver)

* Eyelet setting plates x 1 (choice of 4, 7, 10 or 15mm)
* 1 pack eyelets (same size as setting plates) Units: 4mm(100), 7mm(50), 10mm(15), 15mm(10), Colour: Silver (Gold 10mm only)

* Spring snap setting plates x 1 (choice of 13 or 15mm) 
* 1 pack spring snaps (same size as setting plates) Units: 10 snaps, Colour: Antique Bronze, Silver or Gunmetal 
Note: 13mm Antique Bronze sold out

* Snap button setting plates x 1 (choice of 10mm or 15mm) Note:12mm out of stock
* 1 pack snap buttons (same size as setting plates) Units: 10mm(10), 12mm(8), 15mm(6), Colour: Silver only

Additional parts
If you wish to purchase additional eyelets, spring snaps and snap buttons Click here

You wish to purchase these pliers but don’t need everything?? No problem! We sell the pliers and individual setting pates separately. Click here

Rivet Washers are also available! Use these with thin materials to adjust thickness. Click here