Rivet Settin Tool

Rivet Setting Tool Kit (Plier Style)



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This plier set makes it so easy to attach rivets! (and with additional parts, you can attach snap buttons, eyelets and spring snaps) 

Click here to watch videos on how to use the Multi-Pliers

This kit includes...
* Pliers x 1
* Rivet Setting Plates (d=7mm - 9mm)
* 3mm hole punch x 1
* Mat x 1
* Rivets d=9mm / l=8.5mm x 30
* Rivets d=9mm / 11.5mm x 30

Size: 19.5cm

Additional Parts (SOLD SEPARATELY)
By simply changing the setting plates the tool can also be used for eyelets, spring snaps and snap buttons Click here

You wish to purchase these pliers but don’t need the rivet plates?? No problem! We sell the base plier tool and you can add whichever compatible plates you wish to purchase. Click here

Rivet Washers are also available! Use these with thin materials to adjust thickness. Click here