Extra Strong Washable Double Sided Tape

Super Strong Washable Double Sided Tape



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Extra strong washable double sided tape. Apply heat for extra bonding. Great for hemming your pants and skirts.

Suitable for fabric, leather, vinyl, paper, wood, rubber, metal, plastic and styrofoam.

Usage instructions & tips
* Clean surface, making sure it is free of dust, oil and water.
* As this is a very strong tape please take care and prepare your project before application.
* When using an iron to set the tape on fabric for extra bonding place an iron cloth or suitable cloth over your project before ironing. Set the iron to medium, and apply for 10 -     20 seconds. Once ironed allow surface to cool before moving so as to allow the tape adhesive to set.
* Wait 24 hours after application before hand or machine washing. Use a washing net if machine washing.
* Avoid direct sunlight and do not dry clean.

Not suitable for
* Vinyl acetate, waterproofing cloth, chemically treated surfaces, very coarse surfaces, rough and uneven surfaces

Size: 10mm x 20m