Multi-Plier Pack

Multi-Plier, setting plates, hole punch, rivets, ring snaps, eyelets and snap buttons!  All in one pack. Click here to watch videos on how to...

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This plier set makes it so easy to attach rivets! (and with additional parts, you can attach snap buttons, eyelets and spring snaps)   Click...

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“Pliers ONLY – Setting Plates are ESSENTIAL and are SOLD SEPARATELY” (click here for additional parts) Click here to watch...

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KAWAGUCHI Super easy to install 4mm eyelets and 10mm~12mm snap buttons! Size: 14.5cm (h) KAWAGUCHI Kit includes: * 2 in 1 pliers * 11mm...

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Padded Pliers

Use these pliers to squeeze the corners of your purse frames without scratching the metal. Qty: 1 Size: approx. 13cm x 7.5cm

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